• 5th Grade Patriots Day 

      5th-grade students will be celebrating a wonderful learning opportunity called Patriots Day. The students will learn what life was like in the colonies for those who founded this great nation of ours. Their day will be filled with music, crafts, games, education, and songs that our forefathers experienced. 

    We encourage students and parent volunteers to come in costume, as this will help create the “feel” of being transported back in time. No need to buy anything new, just shop in mom or dad’s closet—girls will want to wear long skirts, plain blouses, and maybe an apron. Boys can wear baseball pants, knickers, long socks, and possibly a vest or blousy shirt. We have many three-corner hats and bonnets to go along with their costumes.


    To make this event a success, we will need volunteers to help.

    If you are able to help, check the BBE PTA website to signup.