Welcome to Wildcat PTO!


    The purpose of the PTO is to enhance and support the educational experience at Humble Elementary, to develop a closer connection between parents, school staff, and the community by encouraging parental involvement, and to improve the environment at Humble Elementary through volunteer and financial support. Visit us on Facebook!
  • Why You Should Join the PTO


    Reason #1: Your child benefits. 

    Reason #2: You will be in the know.

    Reason #3: You'll tap into a network.

    Reason #4: You can be part of the solution. 

    Reason #5: You can meet other parents.

    Reason #6: Your child will feel a sense of pride. 

    Reason #7: You can have fun while doing good. 

    Reason #8: Your voice can be heard. 

    Reason #9: You can share your skills.

    Reason #10: You can show that you care.

Last Modified on October 23, 2019