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    Welcome Greentree families!   

    As the school counselor, I am interested in the well-being of every child whose care
     is entrusted to us at GTE.   My role is to offer support to parents, students, and teachers and all work collaboratively towards your students emotional and academic success.  I will provide classroom guidance lessons through the Why Try Program to enforce students learning about positive decision making, self respect, and that opportunities will come to all students who set goals for themselves behaviorally and academically.  I also facilitate small groups which will address various topics such as Changing Families, Making and Keeping Friends, and to participate students will need a permission form.
    My philosophy as a elementary school counselor is to help all students develop the academic, personal/social, college and career readiness skills needed to successfully manage their lives, reach their fullest potential, and become productive global citizens who respect themselves and others.  
    If you have any questions or need my support please call and set up an appointment. 
    Patricia Bergman
    School Counselor