• Photo Gallery - Globular Clusters
    Globular Clusters are collections of stars that are smaller than galaxies.  They usually have millions of stars.  Globular Clusters are gravitationally bound and resemble a great snowball.  Some have very tight centers, some are rather loosely gathered.
    If a globular cluster on the list has an M in front of a number that means it is on the list compiled by Charles Messier.  His list is most of the best objects to see from Earth.
    These are the globular clusters in this archive.  These pictures were taken by volunteer astronomers at the Insperity Observatory in Humble ISD.
    Photo taken by Aaron Clevenson on June 27, 2011.   This cluster has a tight
    small core but extends out to the top and bottom edges of the picture.
    This picture was taken in black and white only. 
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    M13: The Hercules Cluster
    Photo taken by Aaron Clevenson on June 22, 2012.  This is a large beautiful
    globular cluster with many bright yellow stars.
    This picture was taken in full color..
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