• Special Pictures
    This page is a collection of pictures that do not fit into a single category.  It may be conjunctions (when two different objects are close together) or other interesting photos taken at the observatory.
    Mars in the open cluster M44 in the constellation Cancer (5:45 am on 1 October 2011):
    Original picture
    This is the original picture.  It is an 8 second exposure using a digital camera set to 12x zoom and set to f2.8
    The camera was mounted piggy-back on the 16-inch telescope at the observatory.  North is up in this picture.
    Picture in Negative
    This is a negative of the picture in gray-scale.  Often details can be seen in the negative form of the picture.
    Mars in M44 chart
    This is the chart that goes with the pictures.  This is from our planetarium software: Megastar.