The Energy  Management Department
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         In Humble ISD, we believe that every effort should be made to conserve both natural and financial resources. The Energy Management Department, in complete cooperation with the Board, Administrators, Staff, and Support Personnel, know that it is our responsibility to reduce costs in such a way that our facilities operate in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining a  safe and productive environment for our students and staff.


    Humble ISD Continues Partnership With CenterPoint Energy...  

    Over the past several years, Humble ISD has been selected to participate in CenterPoint Energy's Commercial Load Management Program. This program is designed to provide reliable curtailment energy during grid and local emergency situations occurring during summer peak demand periods through our hottest months of June through September. The goal of the program is to help control peak demand in the CenterPoint service area in a cost-effective and to reach the demand savings goals as established by the legislature and the Public Utility Commission of Texas.  By doing this, we reduce the risk of brownouts and blackouts in our area. In exchange for reducing our kW usage during these peak demand periods, CenterPoint Energy pays the district a set amount per kW. These funds have been used to upgrade lighting in some of our gymnasiums and install motion sensors to prevent unnecessary usage

    Brown, Asst. Director of M&O Tom Duffee, CenterPoint Energy Representative Cheryl Bowman , Energy Manager Melissa Crizer, Coordinator of M&O LeighAnn Montgomery, Director of M&O Kenny Kendrick, School Board Member Brent Engelage, and former Superintendent Guy Sconzo.

      n November 2015, our district received a check for more than $55,000.  For our 3 years of participation, we have earned a grand total of $135,337!  We are again participating in the CLM Program and look forward to earning our greatest incentive check thus far.



    Thank you, CenterPoint Energy! 

    How Much Did We Spend? 




























    A New Beginning for Energy Management in Humble ISD...

    • We are proud to announce that the Department of Energy Management is developing an Energy Management Team to assist in the development of policies and procedures regarding utility usage throughout the district.  This team consists of various members of our Leadership Team who represent all departments and grade levels.  Humble ISD's very first Energy Management Team meeting will be held in the Fall of 2016. 
    •  A new Energy Management Policy is being developed.  The Energy Manager, in cooperation with the Energy Management Team, will use this policy to develop a comprehensive Energy Management Plan to be implemented throughout the district.