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    Motivated Sequence for the Persuasive Speech
    • gain the favorable attention of the audience and to focus that attention on your topic.
    •  establish the importance and relevance of your topic to the audience.
      •   Statement of Need:  There should be a clear "statement of need" which explains why we need to know the information you will share with us.
      • Use one or more forms of support which will make the "need" more vivid in our minds.
        • Illustration
        • Reinforcement
        • Pointing
    •  should consist of a central claim and supporting claims, but the order of those claims should depend upon your own persuasive goals and your audience analysis.
    •  to motivate your listeners to believe, feel, or to act in a certain way.
    • optional for a Speech to Convince but essential for a Speech to Actuate.
    • fairly brief--it is your last opportunity to remind us what we are to do or what we should believe/feel. 

    The following are database will help in finding supporting arguments for your persuasive speech.
    Use Destiny Discover to locate books and digital materials in the AHS library.