What's Happening?

    Students in their beginner classes will be working hard to learn new rhythms, fingerings and concepts every day! We will have weekly playing tests for students to test them on the new skills they are learning. Please check with your student's band director for what day each beginner class has their playing test due. 


    What Should My Child Be Doing At Home?
    Once students are allowed to start bringing home their instruments, students should practice for at least 10-15 minutes per day EVERY day. Learning an instrument is as much about muscle memory (in finger and in the mouth) as it is about learning the notes and rhythms!

    What is Charms and Why Do I Need It?

    Charms allows students to record pre-assigned playing tests which come electronically to the directors. We can assess and grade each student individually without having to take class time away from teaching.  

    Band Fees Cover:
    Beginner T-shirt, Beginning Band Book, Solo and Ensemble judges, off-campus travel to performances, the Spring Band Trip for 6th grade. 

    *If you have any difficulties paying fees, please communicate with us. We are happy to let you pay a little at a time- we know that band is a financial commitment and we understand if a family may need to take extra time. We just ask for communication!* 


    Beginner Band Calendar

    Beginner Band Calendar 2019-2020


    TMS Band Handbook

    Band Handbook


    For any questions you may have concerning your beginning band student, please email us! If you need to call us on the phone, please understand that we are rarely in our office, as we are teaching all day inside the band hall! Leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Email is the easiest way for us to communicate! Email us here.