1. Create custom Avatars or select from a predesigned group using your own voice or a selected voice at Voki. These avatars can easily be posted on your website for student and parent viewing!
    2. Post introductions, directions, dialog, or student assignments on your webpage using Blabberize. This webtool really adds personality!
    3. Read the Words is a website that enables you to post text and speech on your webpage for non-readers, parents or students who are not fluent in the language you are working with, or just to add a new dimension to your webpage. You are limited to three free "published" avatars per account.
    4. Text to Voice Translators offer some terrific advantages for students and parents as they try to learn another language. Simply enter the text that you do not understand or are having difficulty pronouncing then listen to and read the translation. As always, the translations are not perfect; but, it provides a distinct advantage over no help at all!
    5. BubbleSnaps enhances written language skills. Simply upload any picture and then add speech bubbles with your own writing. These can be added to your website very easily as a way to increase vocabulary or as a fun assignment for your students.
    6. Yodio supplies a forum for your students' unique voices and personal ways of expressing themselves. Use Yodio to add stories or conversation to photos or clipart, and share these narrated photos with teachers, parents, and classmates.
    7. PicLits is an ingenious website that allows you to superimpose words/vocabulary onto a photo. Save the images for posting or printing by using the print screen function on your keyboard.
    8. Vocaroo is a website which quickly allows for recording your voice and posting to your website in podcast fashion.