Digital Posters  
     Make Posters...Digitally!
     Google Drawing - Go to your Google Drive
     Google Slides - Go to your Google Drive
    • Open the folder that you want the poster to "live in"
    • Click the New button, then Google Slides
    • Then click File: Page Set Up
    • Select Custom from the drop down
    • Enter 8.5 in first box on the left
    • Enter 11 in the second box on the right
    • Now your workspace will be the size of an 8½ x 11" paper!
    • Can be printed as a regular page or scaled up large on a Poster Printer

    •  Padlet

    •  Studio by Discovery Education (Look in MyHumble)

    • Click on Discovery Education
    • In the left tool bar, click on Studio (the lightbulb)
    • Click the "Let's Create" button 

    •  Wixie (Look in MyHumble)