• Elementary
    4, 5, 6 Social Studies Units
    Colonial Williamsburg Video Library
    Social Studies @ Humble ISD Elementary SuperSites available to Students
    Texas History Day-by-Day
    Where Did the Presidents Come From? (a graphing lesson with all materials)
    Constitution Day @ Vicki Blackwell
    November Days @ Vicki Blackwell
    Packing the Pilgrim's Trunk @ ReadWriteThink
    Patriotism Project by Midge Frazel
    Step Onto the Rock
    Thanksgiving @ Vicki Blackwell
    Thanksgiving Resources to Integrate into Curriculum @ Midge Frazel
    Veteran's Day @ Vicki Blackwell
    General Social Studies Links @ Kathy Schrock
    Political Cartoonists Index
    American History
    American History @ Schmoop
    American History Links @ Kathy Schrock
    Famous Moments in Early American History - short films
    Google Maps for History Teachers
    Multimedia Presentations, Notes, and Textbook Correlations at US History @ Hippocampus
    Economic Blog (many video clips throughout)
    Economics @ Cliff Notes
    Economics @ Spark Notes
    Economics Education Links
    Economics for Dummies
    Economics Links
    Economics Presentations
    Economics Study Guide @ Pink Monkey
    Economics Textbook
    Economix - a Blog @ the New York Times
    Greg Mankiew's Blog - Random Observations for Students of Economics
    Labor Day @ Vicki Blackwell
    The World Bank

    Complete List of Google Earth Activities
    Google Earth Wiki
    IB Geography Wiki
    Living Geography Blog @ Blogspot (Lots of info)
    Online Geography Simulation Games
    Play the Geo Dart Game or Create Your Own @ uMapper
    The StateMaster - US statistics of all kinds
    Multimedia Presentations, Notes, and Textbook Correlations at Government @ Hippocampus
    Texas History
    Google Maps for History Teachers
    Texas History Day-by-Day
    Texas History Quizzes
    World History
    Google Maps for History Teachers
    world History Links @ Kathy Schrock