• Tate Symons                                         
    Callie, 6 months
    Welcome Parents & Students.. I know this isn't the easiest of times, but together we will be fine. I'm here to help your kids and hopefully make this transition as painless as possible.. Please look at my tutorial times. You are also welcome to call or email anytime.
    Together we are strong.... :)
    Math Models,  
    Room 4106
    room # 281-641-7188
    Cell # 281-796-5103 
    Head XC & Track Coach
    track office # 281-641-7011 
    My wife & Taylor

    CC/Track Zoom meeting. Click on the link below


    ONLINE LESSON PLANS - Look below for tutorial times.

    Math Models Lesson Plans

    Strategic Math Lesson Plan

    Graphing calculator



    Complete 15 lessons per week on your ALEKS program. Stay on top of this. 


    Starting March 31th. Tutorials times will be changing..


    Morning time slot - Tuesday & Thursday only

    10 AM tutorial time

    Afternoon Time Slot - Tuesday only

    2 PM tutorials

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