Susan Butler
    Physics - Level & PAP
    Physics Team Leader
    picture of bullet going through apple


     All instruction will done through schoology. Learning sets by unit,  week at a glance (calendar for the week), zoom links, assignments,   assessments, and other information will all be posted on   schoology. Be sure to log in to schoology via myhumble. A week at   glance (schedule) will be posted each week on Monday by 8 am.

     Note: You will need to log in to all your classes and complete   assignments everyday, even next Monday and days without zoom.


    1st 2 weeks schedule (Aug 11 - Aug 21):

    Monday - week at a glance will be posted                    by 8 am


    Tues/Th:  8am - 1st period class on zoom

                    9 am - 3rd period class on zoom

                  10 am - 5th conference period

                  11 am - 7th period class on zoom


    Wed/Fri: 8 am - 2nd period class on zoom

                   9 am - 4th period class on zoom

                 10 am - 6th period class on zoom

             My schedule:

        1st period - Level Physics

        2nd period - PAP Physics

        3rd period - PAP Physics

        4th period - PAP Physics

        5th period - Conference

        6th period - PAP Physics

        7th period - PAP Physics



         Tues:  2-3 pm on zoom

         Thurs: 1-2 pm on zoom