Parent Teacher Student Association
    The focus of KHS PTSA has always been to support our teachers, which in turn, directly impacts and supports your own child's experience at KHS.  With district-wide cutbacks, we are able to step-in to offer Teacher Grants to provide new classroom materials and updated technology.  That is why your Contribution to PTSA is so very important...  your Donation supports every single student. 
    Click the link below to join!


    KHS PTSA 2019-2020 Executive Board

    President -Alysia Landry

    1st Vice President - Amy O'Bryant

    2nd Vice President (Membership) - Jennifer Garrow

    Secretary - Jennifer Scheper

    Treasurer - Gabriele Sausnock

    Historian - Sherie Choules

    Parlamentarian - Amy Foutz


    Committee Chairs

    Council Delegates - Amy Sorenson, Cynthia Cantrell, and Socorro Umrysh

    Communications - Tamra Hatch

    Huntington Learning Center - Tonya Johnson

    Teacher Grants - Christie Wemyss

    Reflections - Cammy Bryce

    Senior Scholarships - Marcy Butler

    Staff Appreciation - Trisha Ronk and Brynn Wagle

    Volunteer Coordinator - Stephanne Martin




    If you have not yet joined as a Member of KHS PTSA for this school year, it is never too late!
    Being a Member of KHS PTSA means that you are part of the Regular Membership
    and that your Donation directly impacts and supports your own child's experience at KHS;
    it does not commit you to volunteer 
    Membership for Parents , Students and Teachers is $10.00 per person
    Texas State PTA Life Members are reduced to $7.75.
     If you want to make an additional Donation to PTSA, we would be so appreciative.
     Don't forget to check with your company for a Matching Gifts Program.

    Here at KHS, our PTA is known as a PTSA
    We encourage our students of all grades to join as well and participate
     when we need volunteers to help out with Teacher Appreciation Events.
    Being a KHS PTSA Student Liaison Volunteer, let alone a PTSA Member,
     is a great addition to any College Resume.
    PTA Meeting  
    As part of the Regular Membership, you are invited to attend the Regular Board Meetings
    Please join us for our last meeting on September 18th at 10:30 in LGI 2310!
    Future Meeting Dates & Location will be announced in the KHS PTSA EMail Blasts.
    Did you know  
    Seniors and Senior Parents...
    KHS PTSA awards multiple Senior Scholarships at the end of the school year.
    Details are available in the Local Scholarship packet that is distributed through the
    school in late January/early February.
    To be eligible, your Senior student must be a member of the KHS PTSA by
    February 1st!  You must join by going to the following link:
    Kingwood High School has a few Departments that could always use Volunteers...
    If you are interested in Volunteering at KHS in the areas of
    the Copy Room, Library, English Department Book Room, Text Book Room, etc.,
    then email us at khs.ptsa.texas@gmail.com and we will forward your response.


    2019-2020 KHS PTSA STANG CAMP FORMS  - One Click Does It All!
    (Must complete and bring with payment to Stang Camp)
    Download the forms to complete then print (preferred)
    KHS PTSA Email Blasts - khs.ptsa.texas@gmail.com
    If you would like to receive the KHS PTSA Email Blast, just send your request to khs.ptsa.texas@gmail.com.
    You may also email khs.ptsa.texas@gmail.com to submit information for KHS Student Organizations, Booster Clubs or Organizations.
    Please make sure that you have the address mailer@ptnmailer.com in your address book / contacts so you are able to receive PTSA emails.  It is a known issue that Suddenlink / Kingwoodcable filters the email address as spam and does not deliver the PTSA emails.  Hopefully, adding mailer@ptnmailer.com will resolve this issue.
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