• Name: Michelle Funderburk

    Subject / Department: Physical Education  Head Volleyball 

    Office Number: Main Gym
    Telephone Number: 281-641-6300
    Email Address: michelle.funderburk@humbleisd.net 


    **Best way to get a hold of me is through my school email:

    M Funderburk (click my name)**




    PE SHIRT is REQUIRED for class $10


    1st Period - Freshman Volleyball                                          
    2nd Period - Foundations for Personal Fitness                                            
    3rd Period - Team Sports                                                       
    4th Period - Individual Sports                                              
    5th Period - Conference                                                         
    6th Period - Team Sports                                                       
    7th Period - Volleyball 


    Wednesday's 3-4:10 


    Physical Education Grading:

    2 grades per week- One for Dressing Out and One for Participation
    Every student receives 25 points per day for dressing out and 25 points per day for participation
    At end of week, if student has dressed out and participated, they will receive a 100 for the week
    Dressing Out   Week 1  100
    Participation    Week 1  100
    Student dresses out for week, but refuses to do physical activity both Monday and Tuesday for the week, grade would be as follows,
    Dressing Out   Week 2  100
    Participation    Week 2  50
    Student participates all week, but never dresses out
    Dressing Out   Week 3  0
    Participation    Week 3  100