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    Latin Culture Projects
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    Explain your assignment, topic, or problem.


    Anaylze your sources.

    • Books
    Use Destiny to locate books on your topic.  We have also pulled a cart of books for your use.
    • Search Apps:

    Britannica  Britannica Online Encyclopedia




    Go get your information.

    • Go to the library, look at book and databases.
    • Locate your information.


    Learn to paraphrase, summarize, quote, and accurately cite all research information.

    Establish your notes and create a first draft, presentation, or any other documentation your project requires.
    • Click here for the rubric to know how your project will be judged in the contest.



    Size it up!
    • Judge your work.
    • Did you meet all of the assignment requirements?
    •  Is this your best effort?
    • Go for the A!