• John E. Baron                                                                                                   picture                                                                       
    Eighth Grade Science
    Room 307 
    281 641 4465 phone
    john.baron@humbleisd.net (preferred method of communication)
    My Schedule:
    1st Period: 8th Pre-AP
    2nd Period: 8th Pre-AP
    3rd Period: Conference
    5th Period: 8th OL
    7th Period: 8th Pre-AP
    V3 Virtual Science OL
    V3 Virtual Science Pre-AP
    Science tutoring is available by Zoom appointment. Email to schedule.
    Textbook Access:
    Username:  hisd+Student ID 
    Password:  Novell Password
    --- this will be easy for students, as it will be the same as logging into the computer, but with the letters hisd before their Student ID (which is their usual username).