• John E. Baron                                                                                                   picture                                                                       
    Seventh and Eighth Grade Science
    Science Academic Lead Teacher
    Science Teacher Mentor
    Room 403/405 
    281 641 4287 phone
    john.baron@humbleisd.net (preferred method of communication)

    Bell Schedule MTWF

    1st Period: 8:30-9:20

    2nd Period: 9:24-10:14 

    3rd Period: 10:18-11:08

    Lunch/4th Period: 11:12-12:38

    Advisory: 12:42-1:18  

    5th Period: 1:22-2:12

    6th Period: 2:16-3:06

    7th Period: 3:10-4:00


    Bell Schedule Thursday

    1st Period: 10:15-10:54

    2nd Period: 10:58-11:37

    Lunch/4th Period: 11:41-1:08 

    3rd Period: 1:12-1:51

    5th Period: 1:55-2:34

    6th Period: 2:38-3:17

    7th Period: 3:21-4:00

    My Schedule:
    1st Period: 8th Pre-AP
    2nd Period: 8th Pre-AP
    3rd Period: 7th Pre-AP
    4th Period: Conference (excluding Wednesdays)
    Science tutoring is available Mondays before and after  school.

    Welcome to KMS Science. I will be working with all the science department teachers this year, developing awesome lessons for your students. I will also be teaching seventh and eighth graders. I can't wait, it is going to be a great year!