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    Parents will be notified and students will be sent home if student has a temperature of 100 or above and/or is vomiting. The student must be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child has been diagnosed with Strep throat, he/sheneeds to stay home for 24 hours from the time the antibiotic was begun and until the fever has subsided.

    All medications sent to school must be brought to the clinic in their original container.
    Note: The pharmacist will give you an extra bottle when you have the prescription filled if you let them know the medication will also be given at school.This will prevent the medicine from having to be sent home from school every afternoon and brought back every morning.

    For a medication to administered at school, student must have:
    1. Written permission with the name of the medication and the reason it is being given.
    2. A note including the time of day and numbers of days the medication is to be given.
    3. Permission by a doctor is required for medications to be given longer than 10 days.
    4. Over counter medicines without doctor's order can only given maximum of 4 doses per month.

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