Kingwood High School Posted Scholarships
    These scholarships are based on information sent into Kingwood High School and from College Room research.  Most scholarships are targeted to seniors; however, some are open to underclassmen.  Postings are updated regularly and arragned by application due date.  Please check other national databases and check with schools on your list for additional opportunities.  For most students, the majoity of opportunites will come from their choosen college or university.  Our format is new this year. If you have questions or trouble opening, please reach out to us, kingwoodhscollege@gmail.com.

    Scholarships postings will be updated as information becomes available.

    This list concentrates on Texas, individual schools and interesting national opportunites.  Please check with your chosen schools and scholarship databases for additional opportunites:

    Each of these sites/app can be personalized by opening a free account.  

    The KHS Local Scholarship Packet is available every year in late January/early Feburary.  The opening of the packet is widely announced and available on the College Room site.