• Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Humble ISD!

    Your volunteer application has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed per the district's volunteer policy. Within 72 hours, you will be notified by Raptor as to your volunteer status.

    We thank you for your willingness to volunteer in Humble ISD! Now that you have completed your background check, you are ready to complete the next few check points and then you can cross the finish line and begin volunteering.

    STEP 1

    Student Confidentiality Video
    Volunteers are important in helping schools operate efficiently, but it’s important to know your role in protecting student information while helping out in your school. *Para ver este video con subtitulos en español, seleccione los settings en el video de YouTube y elija el idioma Español.

    STEP 2

    School Safety Video
    Schools have many different drills these days. We want you to know what they are so you will know how to respond when you are on campus. Para ver este video en Español, presione el enlace.

    STEP 3

    Volunteer Expectations
    Volunteers are role models to our students so let’s all get on the same page on what we expect when you are on Humble ISD campuses. Read the expections here in English or Español.

    You are finished!

    Congratulations, you have made it to the finish line! Within 72 hours of submitting your application, you will receive an email from Raptor System (donotreply@raptortech.com) regarding your application status. Once you have been approved, you are ready to start volunteering.

    If you are still looking for a school to serve, click here  to see a list of parent groups for all Humble ISD schools. You can find volunteer opportunities for specific schools listed on their websites. 

    Community Development Department offers several workshops for parent group volunteers. Click here to see the list of workshops available.

    If you have any questions, please call (281) 641-8142 to speak with Marilyn Mann, Humble ISD Community Engagement Specialist.


    tHANK YOU!