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    Orientation/New Students


    Dear Parents,

       Welcome to Summerwood Elementary! We are so excited that your child will be joining us for the 2018-2019 school year.  This information contains information to use as a guide throughout his or her kindergarten year.We are looking forward to a great year.  We are here to help!  Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you!

                                                                                                                                    Kindergarten Teachers

     Crystal Johnson

    Summerwood Elementary

    Kindergarten Teacher

     Phone Number:


     Email Address:






    -          Doors open at 7:30am

    -           Students will NOT be  supervised prior to 7:30am

    -           Students are to be dropped off in the front of the school and report to the cafeteria if it is before 7:45am

    -           After 7:45, students can report to their classrooms unless they are eating breakfast (then report to cafeteria)

    Dismissal – Begins at 3:20pm

    -          ** Car Riders

    - If you live on the same side of West Lake Houston as SWE, pick up in the front (yellow sign)

    - If you live on the opposite side of West Lake Houston from SWE, pick up by the cafeteria doors (green sign)


    General Kinder Day:

    7:30-7:55 Arrival

    7:55-8:15 Class Meeting

    8:15-:10:00 Literacy Block

    10:30-11:00 Lunch

    11:05-11:35 Recess

    11:40-1:30 Math and Science Block

    1:30-2:20 Specials

    2:20-3:00 Social Studies

    Pack & Stack

    3:20 Dismissal




    Kindergarten 101: What else do I need to know?

    Activity Fund:

    A $25.00 donation is requested and appreciated.  Funds are used for:

      Special Projects

      Science Lab Materials

      Lesson Materials

    Please turn in cash or check to your child’s teacher.  Checks made out to SWE.

    ** Activity fund payments can also be made online through the SWE website!

    Take Home Folders:

    Please return folder to school daily.

    Check calendar for upcoming dates/events

    Please place any notes/communication in folder

    Any money being sent to school needs to be labeled with the child’s name, teacher and purpose for the money.

    Snacks & Water Bottles:

    Snacks will not be provided.  However, students will be given an opportunity to eat a simple, dry,  healthy snack at a time determined by the teacher.  Snack time is approximately 5 minutes.  Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.  Please – NO liquids other than water in the classroom!  Water bottles that have the sports top (the kind you pull up and push back down) are preferable, but not required.

    Change of Clothes:

    We ask that all children keep a seasonally appropriate change of clothes in their backpack in case of an accident or emergency.  Pack in a ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name and any spoiled clothes will return home in the same bag to be replaced.  Please check daily.  The nurse does not have extra clothes in the office!

    Absence Line:

    Report any absences by calling your child’s teacher, sending an email or calling 281-641-3019.   

     Cafeteria Menus:

    Can be located on SWE or Humble ISD website.


     Summerwood Elementary Behavior Expectations


    I can be responsible by

    Following directions

    Being prepared for class

    Completing assignments

    Accepting consequences

    I can be respectful by

    Using kind words

    Raising my hand to speak

    Listening politely

    Keeping the classroom clean

    I can be safe by

    Keeping my hands, feet and other objects to myself

    Following hallway rules















     Class Dojo

    There will be a monthly calendar in every child’s take home folder that outlines and reviews Summerwood Elementary behavior expectations.  

    In addition, I use an app called Class Dojo to award students for positive behavior as well as recording reminders of things they might need to continue to work on.  Class Dojo can be downloaded on your phone and checked to see how your child is doing each day.  An email address will be required to sign up, but it is a free service. 

    Another feature of Class Dojo is the messages.  I can send out whole class messages as well as messages to individual parents.  Parents can also message me (like a text) and it is an effective communication tool.

    Please check out the Class Story section of Class Dojo for pictures of our classroom happenings


    Technology Tips

    Do not be afraid to let your child practice kindergarten skills using technology!  However, it is recommended that screen time is limited.

     *Please practice using a computer mouse with your child!  They will need to be able to manipulate a mouse when in the computer lab.







    Pocket Phonics

    Letter School

    Montessori Crosswords

    Sight Words