Two things I LOVE KIDS and SPORTS      This is my son Ryder Sowell
  • Ronnie Sowell
    Physical Education / Athletic Coordinator
    Phone: 281-641-3869

    Boys' Athletics (7th and 8th Grade Only)
    Girls' Athletics (7th and 8th Grade Only)


    Distance Learning

     Dear Parents and students,

    We are using Distance Learning to continue the learning process. As we all know, learning should take place everywere.  Please join my class. 
    You or your child can sign up to my "Google Classroom" by typing in the code to their appropriate class listed below.

    3rd Period ovd5ale

    5th Period 6uglsum

    6th Period r3kegip


    Distant Learning Assignments 

    PE Distant Learning 1

    PE Distant Learning 2

    PE Distant Learning 3



    1st Period   7th  Grade Athletics
    2nd Period  6th Grade PE
    3rd Period   6th Grade PE
    4th Period   6th Grade PE
    5th Period   PE Conference
    6th Period   Athletics Conference
    7th Period   8th  Grade Athletics