District Brand

  • District staff, students and administrators should use these guidelines as a reference to maintain the consistent and effective identity of Humble ISD. 

    The district seal is the approved brand. To ensure the integrity of the seal, there should be no modifications to the colors, content, graphic elements or proportions. The seal should be clean and legible and always used in its original version.

Centennial Seal

  • Humble ISD Centennial Seal

District Seal

  • Humble ISD District Seal

We are...

  • Correct Name 2    Humble Independent School District

    Correct Name 3   Humble ISD

We are not...

  • Incorrect Name   HISD

    There are many "H" school districts in our area such as Houston ISD, Huffman ISD, and Huntsville ISD; therefore, it is important that we communicate clearly that we are Humble ISD.  

  • If you are having trouble with any of the downloads, please call the Public Communications Office at 281-641-8200.