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    English 3: American Literature

    This course is designed to be a survey course of great American writers.  Together we will use our skills as communicators to effectively analyze and explore various selections found within the United States and globally.  Dedicate yourselves to developing your critical thinking and writing skills as we trace the birth of the American Dream from 1492 to the present.



  • Class Schedule

    • Period 1: English 3
    • Period 2: English 3
    • Period 4: English 3
    • Period 5: English 3
    • Virtual 1-13: English 3
    • Virtual 1-14: English 3

    Additional course information available in Schoology.

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    • Mondays - Thursdays: 2:00-2:30

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    • Wednesdays and Fridays during A Lunch of Mustang Hour
  • "Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others with the hope that someday, in someway, it again will be passed on."

    —Kathy Jeffords

Madalyn Oloya
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    I received my initial teaching certificate in Texas in 2006.  Since then, I have taught a diverse collection of classes in Texas, California, and Louisiana, including Pre-AP English 1, AP English Language, Gifted ELA, Traditional ELA, and now World History.

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    Welcome Back! -

    Welcome Back!

    I'm so excited to start the 2020-2021 school year as a Kingwood Mustang! Let's have a great year together!

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