• Welcome to English I. 

    The primary purpose of English I is the development of the ability to transfer information in a clear, concise, and logical manner. This will help you, not only in all academic classes, but in the world beyond Humble High School. 

    Information is taken in primarily through listening, doing, and reading. Information you already possess is communicated to the world primarily through actions, speech, and written text. The foundation for all of this is the thinking process.  Refining the thinking process is embedded in lessons throughout the school year. Focusing on this helps you understand and relate to the complex world in which we live.

     As you learn how to read with a purpose, you will learn to ask questions to better understand what is being read.  This also helps you relate to the material being read and make connections to other texts and issues present in our world. As you develop your writing ability, you will learn to write with a clear purpose that engages your audience while clearly communicating your intended message.  

    Goals of English I:

    • Students will use critical reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate varying perspectives
    • Students will gather information, not as an end in itself, but to support the processes of research
    • Students will acquire oral and written communication skills to articulate their own ideas in a variety of modes and for a variety of purposes
    • Students will read to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate literature
    • Students will create cross-curricular products that support a thesis and communicate the product in an appropriate manner to their audiences


    Parents, please add yourselves on Schoology. This is where all assignments will be housed, as well as assignments for those that are absent! Our scholars will be completing daily assignments for all of their courses in Schoology. Our Schoology classrooms will also have all the course information and class resources.


    I am available to offer personal assistance from 3:30 - 4:30 Monday to Friday.  I will respond to any emails or messages within 24 hours during the week.

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