Welcome! My name is Sarah Arias, and I will be your child’s teacher this school year. Second grade is such a thrilling time for your child that will be filled with tons of learning and adventures! I look forward to working in partnership with you throughout the year, and I am confident that together we can provide the support and encouragement needed to help your child excel.

    Sarah R. Arias
    Second Grade Teacher
    Room 202
    Twitter: arias_swe
    *Absence notes are required within two days of returning to school in order to receive an excused absence!
    *Student supervision begins at 7:30 AM.  Please plan for your child to arrive at school between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. 

    *Car rider drop off and pickup information:  All students living on the east side of W. Lake Houston Parkway (school side) will be dropped off and picked up at the FRONT of the school.  The parents/guardians picking up at the front of the school will receive YELLOW car signs.  All students living on the west side of W. Lake Houston Parkway will be dropped off and picked up on the CAFETERIA side of the school (where buses used to drop off and pick up).  The parents/guardians picking up on the cafeteria side of the school will receive GREEN car signs. 

    *Car drivers should at all times stay in a single file line when dropping off or picking up students.  Our arrival and dismissal procedures are effective from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM.  Thank you for helping keep our children safe!
    *Tutoring is available by teacher recommendation Tuesday/Thursdays from 7:30-:7:45.