Mrs. C. Ramos
    Third Grade Bilingual
    Math and Science
    Room 207
    281-641-1200 ext.1233

    Certifications: Early Childhood -  6th grade

              Bilingual Education

    C Ramos

    Welcome to Mrs. C. Ramos' class!

    This is my fifth year teaching here at Lakeland, and I feel very fortunate teaching Math and Science. In my classroom I promote respect and effort with my students, and I encourage them to do their best and have a positive attitude.

    Parents if you have a question or concern we can meet by appointment Monday, Tuesday or Friday 12:30-1:00PM.


    7:30 Morning work

    8:00 Interventions/small groups 1

    8:30 Math (block 1)

    10:00 Science (block 1)

    10:30 Interventions/small groups 2

    11:00 Science (block 2)

    11:25 Lunch time

    11:55 Recess

    12:25 Specials

    1:20 Math (block 2)

    3:10 Dismissal

    Tutories: Monday-Friday 7:30-7:50AM

    Math and science