• Picture Model United Nations is a national organization focused on solving current issues through student engagement at conferences.  Students will research topics in their committee then work with other students to solve current global issues. Awards are given to the best delegates in each committee.
    Meetings: Alternate Wednesdays starting September 26, 2018 in Room 2106 
    2017: Briana Schump- DISEC Honorable Mention
    Next Competition: HAMUN 44- University of Houston
    January 24 & 25th, 2019
    Countries we will represent: 
    -Czech Republic
    Topics under discussion:
    • Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation
    • Chinese Encrachment into the South China Sea
    • Privztization of Space
    • Political Corruption and Economic Crisis in Venezuela
    • Uighur Crisis in China
    • Vigilantism in Africa (combating Boko Haram)
    • Food Security
    • Rise of Nationalism and the Liberal Economic Order
    • Care for Persons with Disabilities
    • Access to Immunization and Vaccines
    • Solution to Air Pollution
    • Protecting Marine Life
    • Curbing Use of Opiotes
    • Narcoterrorism
    • Rights of Economic Migrants
    • Reform of the UN Human Rights Council
    • Refugees in Neighboring Countries
    • Climate Refugees in the Maldives
    • Protection of Heritage Sites in Conflict Zones
    • Improving Online Access
    If any of these topics sound interesting come see Mr. Howard (Room 2409) or Ms. Nichols (Room 2106)!!!
    Crisis Committe topics: 
    -International Court of Justice
    -Avatar: The Last Airbender
    Crisis Committee spots fill fast!
    Club Sponsors:
    Theresa Nichols
    Room 2106
    Neal Howard
    Room 2409