• Picture Model United Nations is a national organization focused on solving current issues through student engagement at conferences.  Students will research topics in their committee then work with other students to solve current global issues. Awards are given to the best delegates in each committee.
    Meetings: Room 2409, Due to Covid-19 in-person meetings are temporarily suspended. 
    2017: Briana Schump- DISEC Honorable Mention
    2020: Diego Collazo- ECOSOC Best Posiion Paper
    Next Competition: HAMUN 46- University of Houston (possiby suspended due to COVID-19)
    Topics from the 2019 conference:
    • SOCHUM
      • Addressing the rise of Chinese Muslim Internment Camps
        Combating the use of child labor exploitation in South Asia
    • DISEC
      • The Proliferation of the Russian Nuclear Arms Race
        De-escalating tensions over Kashmir between India and Pakistan
      • Regulating the distribution of land in the poles for territorial claim between countries
        The decolonization of indigenous communities in South America
    • WHO
      • Regulation of Vaping and E-Cigarette Tools
        Addressing exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation and Health Risks
    • UNEP
      • Addressing the consequences of the Amazonian Rainforestand the preservation and restoration of the forest
        Prevention of Desertification Saharan Desert- Green Wall
    • ECOSOC
      • Combating the economic war in Venezuela
        Eliminating “brain drain” from developing nations
    • UNHCR
      • Providing UN assistance and protection to refugees in Greece
        Ensuring the stability of South Sudan and its refugees
    • UNHRC
      • Infringement of LGBTQ Rights in Chechnya
        Prevention of Organ Trafficking
    • UNODC
      • Efforts to detect and stop state-sponsored terrorism funding mechanisms
        Protocols against the smuggling of migrants by sea
    • UNDP
      • Combating water pollution in China
        Addressing the financial independence of women in Asia
    • UNESCO
      • Addressing the barriers to education women face in the Middle East
        Regulation of tourism at UNESCO world heritage sites
    • UNICEF
      • Curbing the indoctrination of children in politically unstable and violent regions
        Protecting the birth rights of children
    2019 Crisis Committe topics: 
    -International Court of Justice
    -DC Universe
    -Latin America
    Club Sponsor:
    Neal Howard
    Room 2409