Bethany Durham 




    Welcome to Pre-K. I'm very excited to have your child in my class. I look forward to a year full of wonder, discovery, and showing them the joys of learning. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    abc's Ms. Durhams' Pre-K Schedule


     Virtual Schedule:

    8:00- 8:45: Small Groups Everyday:

    Group A                     Group B           

    Durham                        Durham        

    8:00-8:20                         8:25-8:45


    Group C                     Group D

    Arellano                      Arellano

    8:00-8:20                   8:25-8:45

    10:00-10:30: Math

    10:40-11:10: RELA

    11:15-11:45: Lunch

    12:00-12:30: Specials (student choice)

    12:15- 12:45: Outdoor Play

    12:45-1:30: Seesaw/Activities/Name practice

    1:30-2:00: Helpdesk

    2:00 – Parent Outreach/Conference/Planning/Seesaw Feedback



    Pre-K Committment

    The Pre-K teachers are committed to providing a safe, postive, and encouraging atmosphere that will promote a high level of learning.

    Classroom Expectations


    Listen when others are speaking

    Follow directions quickly

    Be respectful

    Be kind 

    Try your BEST!