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Welcome to 6th Grade World Cultures

  • John-Robert Greene
    6th Social Studies: World Cultures
    Room 408


     We will be using Schoology for assignments and posting.  This will located in the My humble app.   

    Learning Plan


  • “We are not the makers of history, We are made by history”- Martin Luther King, Jr.



    Objective:        Students will demonstrate an in depth and complex understanding of the significant details and concepts of early World Cultures, while relating past events to current issues.


    Textbook:          World Cultures & Geography by McGraw Hill 

    These are a class set.  Textbooks must checked out/in through the front office with Mrs. Degood.  If books are not returned students will be responsible for the cost of replacing the unretunred textbook or damages to that textbook.  

    Supplies:          In order for you to be successful, you need to be PREPARED every day.  You are required to bring the following items daily:


                                   Writing Utensils – Pencil/Pen (blue or black only)

                                    Notebook with folder or binder


    Other Things students may need during class:

                                     Pencil Sharpener (manual)                 Ear Buds

                                     Colored Pencils                                 Flash Drive

                                     Glue Sticks/Tape                               Highlighter


    Chromebook:   Will be available for many activities.  It is important that students have their access for logging in and the use of the various Google apps for creative purposes.  Their log in information should be in their planner.  We will also utilize Google Classroom as this will allow students to see their work online and print any missing materials 


    NotebookThis will be used to keep materials especially graphic organizers and a place to keep ongoing work.   

    Class work:        Everyone is expected to put forth their best effort.  All assignments must be legible with a proper heading. Assignments not completed in class may be sent home for completion. Also, if students earn below a 70 on an assignment, you will have the opportunity of taking one day (1) to make full corrections and resubmit it for ½ credit.  Writing assignments can be revised for full credit. 


    Late Work:        Students will be allowed to turn in late work up to 3 days.  A penalty of 10 points will be assessed for each late day.  As the teacher, I reserve the right to wave the penalty based on special circumstances so please communicate with me any difficulties that arise. 


    Tests:                    Students will be responsible for studying for quizzes and Unit Tests.  They will also take district Bench Marks.  If students fail a test, the opportunity to take a re-take will be given.  Students must request AND complete the re-take within two weeks of the original test and will receive a replacement grade.  Students are allowed one retake per 9 weeks.  


    Absences:            Absent students are responsible for picking up and completing their missed assignments and notes.  He/she has one (1) day for each excused absence to turn in the work for full credit.

    Note:  All previously planned assignments given prior to the student's’ absence will be due on the original due date unless the absence occurs on that due date. Otherwise, the planned assignment will be due immediately upon students return.  Assignments will posted in each class's google classroom. The google classroom can also be used while students are out of town as long as they have internet access.  Work can be downloaded 


    Grades:                    Daily                   =  PreAP 30%

                                    Tests/Projects   =  PreAP 70%



    Grade Scale:            A 90-100 Excellent progress                                           Unsatisfactory Progress 70-78 

                                    B 80-89   Good progress                                                F  50- 69     failure to make progress

                                    C 75-79   Satisfactory/Average progress                         I    Incomplete