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    Credit Recovery


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    This course is a "Get Back on track" course!

    Schoology Classroom Acct#'s 

    1st period class code RRBZ-TG87-X56PR

    2nd period class code K9QJ-C6ZQ-WFJX4

    3rd period class code XK65-CXFK-BK36F
    4th period class code Z5CB-RN8K-WVHD4
    5th period Varsity / JV Football class code MJBH-88R5-R7MHP 

    Google classroom Acct#'s

    1st period class code v7po6k2

    2nd period class code zj2y7uc

    3rd period class code deebinc
    4th period class code sz2biqk
    5th period Varsity / JV Football class code ixbtoel
    If you need anything please Email me or post on the Google classroom page
    Thank you for being patient. We have made some updates to the credit recovery. Here are the key updates:

    1) You are now able to progress through Regular Unit Assignments, Quizzes and Test. If you need assistance, we are here to help.
    2) Pretesting has been shut off. Students will move through the content and then take a section quiz.
    3) Auto Progression is not enabled: Which means that if you are unsuccessful on a quiz twice, Edgenuity will lock you out. Your teacher must be contacted to restart the process. The teacher will reset assignments to complete in the unit before the student can retake the quiz.
    4) Once you have progressed through the material AND mastered the assessments, credit will be awarded.

    Teachers will frequently monitor student progress. We want to encourage students to work through the courses and get these done as soon as you can. Credit Recovery teachers are available for Support through email. You are able to reach out to your teacher for guidance if you have failed a quiz/test twice and been locked out. AGAIN WE WILL REQUIRE YOU TO RE-DO unit assignments before being able to retest so please do your best on the tests.


Coach Wheeler

Class Schedule

  • 1st Period Fall Semester Credit Recovery 3213 / Spring Semester Freshman Football

    2nd Period Credit Recovery 3213

    3rd Period Credit Recovery 3213

    4th Period Credit Recovery 3213

    5th Period Football Athletics

    6th Conference 1:05-1:54

    7th period fall Semester Conference / Spring Semester Credit Recovery 3213


    Tutorial Sessions:

    Wednesday 3-4:10 4015