Trina Francis
    6th, 7th & 8th 
    Science Co-Teacher
    Room: 404
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    Coach Francis

    Welcome to Coach Francis' Science Class!!!
    I am very excited about the 2018-2019 school year. Get ready for a year filled with fun and learning.

    Course Description

    In this course students will explore various strands of science required by the State of Texas. Students will learn topics in scientific investigations and reasoning, matter and energy, force motion and energy, earth and space, and organisms and environments by engaging in contextual labs, research, and projects. Students enrolled in this class will have a solid understanding of the concepts, skills, and procedures required to be successful in future science classes

    Classroom Expectations

    The teacher has high expectations of all students.
    The teacher will maintain an appropriate classroom culture that will lead to the success of all  students
    The students are expected to follow all CHAMPS classroom procedures.
    Parents will be expected to give support to their children. Parents will be expected to keep an open line of communication between themselves, their children, and the teacher.
    Everyone will be expected to show respect for everyone else and their property.
    Everyone will be expected to keep a positive attitude.
    Students are expected to arrive on time to class and be prepared to learn.
    I expect students to have their materials in class each day.

    1st:  6th Grade Science
    2nd: Conference
    3rd: Planning
    4th: 6th Grade Science
    5th: 7th Grade Science
    6th: 7th Grade Science
    7th: 8th Grade Science
    8th: 8th Grade Science
    Tutoring: TBA