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    8th Grade
    US History / Social Studies
    Rm. 607
    (281) 641-4135
    Email: mlturner@humbleisd.net

    Mr. Turner

    STUDENTS: Hello! I am excited to be your teacher for the 2018-2019 school year, and I look forward to working with each of you. I know the beginning of this year has been a challenge already, but I assure you we will get through the year together! I expect you to come prepared to work hard, and do your part.  I pledge to do the same.
    PARENTS:  Thank you for entrusting us with your most prized possession. I want you to know that I understand the importance of your child's education. US History is pariticularly important because it is a STARR tested course. I will strive to keep you informed of our current topics, activities, assignments, and assessments through weekly emails and parent contact letters (posted weekly to this site). Attendance is extremely important. If your student is absent, please access the Notes and Presentation for that day so that they are prepared when they return. 
    For Weekly Assignments, please click on the Weekly Assignments tab.  All past weeks are stored under the "Past Due" Tab but remain Active.  All current week items are listed under Current Assignments.  All Notes are paired with a "Presentation" of the same name that contains the information presented in class to students in order for them to complete the notes. 
    1st (On Level)   -   8:28 - 9:20
    2nd (On Level)  -   9:24 - 10:16
    3rd (Pre-AP)      -  10:20 - 11:12
    4th (On Level)   -  11:16 - 12:16
    5th (PLANNING)     
    6th (On Level)  -   2:20 - 3:12
    7th (Pre-AP)     -   3:16 - 4:05
    I have tutoring on Thursdays
    from 4:05 pm to 5:05 pm.  
    I also offer assistance to those who
    need additional support on other days.
    I handle these situations on a case by case so students
    seeking this assistance must contact me directly.