• Vonsuella Blount  "Mrs. V"

    6th Through 8th
    History, Science, Math /ESL
    English as Second Language /Bilingual level 1&2 Support Educator
    Room 603 1/2


     Hello to all,

         I'm so excited and honored to be able to work with such a good group of educators at Humble Middle School! But most of all im ready to help with taking our ESL students to the next level in education.!! It is very important to me that as your child experience this new journey and learn how to adapt to there new environment that they get the appropriate strategies and techniques that I will provide for them along side there teacher. Making sure your child has the instructional support and the ability to comprehend as they transition will be the #1 goal as we take this journey together. Your child will have the quality education as well as the academic achievement that they will very well deserve. I will be there to support and assist along side there teacher with  any academic or  language barriers they may have along the way.  I Always try to encourage students by letting them know that the transition in the English language  can be challenging but our language reveals the visual nature of our thoughts on our future . Stop getting a mental picture of what things will be like long before you even experience the journey. Visions are our windows to success so always think positive and know that you will succeed here at Humble Middle School .

                Conference 1st and 2nd periods.