• Daily Schedule

    1st period: Conference

    2nd period: 7th/8th grade Intro to STEM

    3rd period: 7th/8th grade Intro to STEM

    4th period: On Level 8th grade Science

    5th period: On Level 8th grade Science

    6th period: 7th/8th grade Intro to STEM

    7th period: Planning

    8th period: PreAP 8th grade Science


    Thursdays from 4:10-5:05pm

  • What’s our focus?

    In 8th grade science, students will use scientific investigations and activities to expand their critical thinking skills and master various science concepts in Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Astronomy, Life Science, and Weather.

    In Intro to STEM class, students will use scientific investigations and activities to expand their skills in critical thinking, communication, leadership, and innovation.

    My goal is for every student to excel both in and out of the classroom and to develop an increasing interest in science. Also, to develop students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners who embrace diversity.

     What do I need?
    1 subject spiral or composition notebook
    A writing utensil of any color except on assessment days you will need blue/blank ink or a pencil. 
    2 glue sticks per semester OR scotch tape
    A set of markers or colored pencils
    2 dry erase markers

    What should I have? (Optional)
    With you at school: scissors, dry erase eraser 

    How can I be Successful?

    Be respectful
    Listen attentively to whoever is speaking. "Stop, collaborate and listen!"
    Use appropriate language, tone and voice level (Follow CHAMPS procedures). 
    Use the classroom space and materials with respect or replace any materials destroyed. 
    Be responsible
    Bring all supplies needed for class. 
    Be in your seat, working on warmup when the bell rings or be counted tardy. 
    Complete work on time. 
    Work cooperatively in whatever groups you are assigned.
    Be safe
    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
    Remain in the classroom unless given permission to leave. 







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