•                apple "One mark of a great educator is the ability to lead students out to new places where even the educator has never been" - Thomas Groome
    Mrs. Christten
    RM. 602

    Welcome to Mrs. Christten's (RELA) class!!! 

    As an educator I believe, we are here to give you choice in life. We are here so that you will be prepared for college. We are here so that you can write a letter to a friend. We are here so that you can write a poem for your mother’s birthday. We are here so that you can persuade your boss to give you that raise. We are here so that you can read, understand, and reflect on what some of the greatest minds in the world have shared on paper. We are here so that you and your great mind can share your thoughts, ideas, emotions, and opinions with the world and have them count. We are here so that you can make a difference. People, who can speak, read, and write well, open many doors for themselves in life. Together, we will learn skills to make things a reality. We are here to create life long learners and critical thinkers.

    It is my mission to instill a love for learning in my students. I attempt to teach with passion for my subject so that my students develop a desire to become life-long learners. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. It is so important to keep communication open between us, and I would love to talk to you whenever you feel the need. I look forward to a great year together!


    Course Content

    This course is designed to teach the 7th Grade Reading English Language Arts Standards for the state of Texas. This is a reading and writing intensive class; students are expected to read and write every day. In order to be successful in this class, students will be expected to be their best self every day. They are expected to read, think, and write every day. That means that students will need to come to class ready to learn and help others learn. Distractions to learning will not be tolerated or accepted.

    Weekly Schedule:
    1st period  8:24-9:15
    2nd period 9:19-10:13 
    3rd period 10:17-11:08
    4th period 11:12-12:03(Planning Time)
    5th period 12:07-12:58
    Lunch 12:58-1:28
    6th period conference time
    7th - 2:26-3:16
    8th 3:20-4:10
    Tutorials Wendesdays (4:15-5:15 pm)
    Homeroom 8:24-8:49
    1st period- 8:53-9:54
    2nd period- 9:28-9:57
    3rd period- 10:01-10:30
    4th period- 10:34-11:03
    5th period- 11:07-11:36