• World Geography is one of the most important subjects that a student can endeavor to study. It is not only the study of the physical features of the earth but it also incorporates the study of human interactions with the environment and the effects thereof.  
    AVID is a course designed to allow students to become college ready as well as obtain success in a global society. In this course students will receive various strategies to be successful and reach their full potential. 


  • 1st Per - World Geography
    2nd Per - World Geography
    3rd Per - World Geography
    4th Per - Conference
    5th Per - AVID 1
    6th Per- AVID 2/3
    7th Per- AVID 1


  • Wednesday 3pm-4pm

    In the morning by appointment only  
Mr. Frank

Jamal Frank

  • World Geography / AVID

    Room 2009 (World Geo)

    Room 1103 (AVID)