Welcome to AVID

  • Advancement Via Individual Determination

    AVID is a course designed to allow students to become college ready as well as obtain success in a global society. In this course students will receive various strategies to be successful and reach their full potential. AVID is not just a class dedicated to the academic success of the student but the overall social and emotional success of the student as well. As the AVID Coordinator and teacher, it is my intention to build a program that will ensure success in whatever tasks, goals, and future endeavors that your child chooses to invest themselves in. 


  • 1st Per - AVID One
    2nd Per - Conference
    3rd Per - AVID Coordinator Duties
    4th Per - AVID One
    5th Per - AVID Two
    6th Per- AVID Two
    7th Per- AVID Three and Four


  • Thursday 3pm-4pm

    In the morning by appointment only  
Mr. Frank

Jamal Frank

  • AVID Coordinator/Teacher

    Location : Temporary Building Room 10