Ms. Hunter

Mrs. Travé Hunter (Coach Hunter)

  • AVID Coordinator/ET

    Assistant Girls Track and Field



  • 1st: Conference

    2nd: AVID Planning

    3rd: AVID 1 - White 1 Computer Lab

    4th: AVID 2 - White 1 Computer Lab

    5th: AVID 3 - White 1 Computer Lab

    6th: AVID 4 - White 1 Computer Lab

    7th: Girls Track and Field


Classroom Expectations

  • Be Accountable.

    Be Responsible.

    Be On Time.

    Be Prepared.

    Be Productive.

    Be Respectful.

    Be You.


    These seven rules are essential to being productive and reaching success by the end of the school year. These seven rules are essential to being successful in life. These seven rules are guiding factors in following procedures in my classroom. Just as doctors follow procedures during surgery, we have procedures we must follow in order to complete this school year without malfunction, mishap, or failure. Our goal is SUCCESS!