• Irwin Pesso
    6th/7th/8th Basic Math

    7th Co-Math (Mr. Gantley)

    6th Co-Math (Ms. Robinson)

    T14 (same as last year)




    Well, back at WMS for a third year. I am looking forward to having my 6th/7th graders back from last year. My plans are to have the students become more interactive with each other and more hands on creative activities. I also plan to make use of more technology to enable more independent and fun learning. This will be an excellent year!




    Co-Math 6th Grade
    Basic Math 6th/7th 
    Basic Math 8th
    Co-Math 7th Grade
    Co-Math 7th Grade
    Co-Math 7th Grade
    Tutoring will be by appointment before or after school (with the exception of Monday)