• Mrs. Daphne Rios
    CTE Department-Engineering
    Room: 1732

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"What I enjoy most is watching my students ideas take shape!"

  • Course Information

    Engineering Design:  Students explore as many engineering types as we can during the course of the year through the exploration of hands on projects, teamwork, individual work, and computer work. 

    Principles of Applied Engineering: Students learn about the principles of engineering and the basics of solving problems, using teamwork, individual work, sketch, technical drawings and learning new computer software. 



  • 1st -Engineering Design & Presentation
    2nd -Engineering Design & Presentation
    3rd - Conference
    4th - Engineering Design & Presentation
    5th - Principles of Applied Engineering
    6th - Principles of Applied Engineering
    7th - Principles of Applied Engineering


Learning Platform

Tutoring Schedule



    Tuesday Morning 6:40am Tutoring

    Thursday Afternoon Only 2:55pm Tutoring

    • Any other tutoring days/times can be arranged upon requested appointment & availability. 
    • Any morning works best for tutoring except Wednesday duty days.



  • How to be successful in my Engineering classes!

    • Be on time.
    • Be in your assigned seat ready for instruction at the time of the bell.
    • Participate in class during discussions, questioning, class work, and group work.
    • Turn in work on time.
    • Help keep materials, tools, and classroom tidy.
    • Respect others and their belongings.