• Mrs. Daphne Rios
    CTE Department-Engineering
    Room: 1732

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"What I enjoy most is watching my students ideas take shape!"

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  • 1st -Engineering Design & Presentation
    2nd -Engineering Design & Presentation
    3rd - Conference
    4th - Engineering Design & Presentation
    5th - Principles of Applied Engineering
    6th - Principles of Applied Engineering
    7th - Principles of Applied Engineering


Learning Platform

Tutoring Schedule


     In Person Learners

    Tuesday 6:40am Tutoring

    Wednesday 2:55pm Tutoring

    Any other tutoring days/times can be arranged upon request & availability. 



  • How to be successful in my Engineering classes!

    • Be on time.
    • Be in your assigned seat ready for instruction at the time of the bell.
    • Participate in class during discussions, questioning, class work, and group work.
    • Turn in work on time.
    • Help keep materials, tools, and classroom tidy.
    • Respect others and their belongings.