• Norge Cancanon
    9-12 grades 
    Room Number:2404
    Telephone Number: (281)641-5665
    Email Address: ncancan@humbleisd.net

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    Señor Cancanon
     ! Bienvenidos !
    “Course information and content will be found in my Schoology Course. All students can access Schoology through my.humbleisd.net. Please refer to our Schoology Student Support page for more information and tutorials.”
    Welcome to Señor Cancanon’s “Spanish II” class. In this class you will be given a whole approach to the Spanish language and culture by using a variety of methods and techniques ranging from grammar and vocabulary to listening , reading and writing exercises. I will be there for you all the way to support you and make sure you are successful in my class. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you need my assistance. 
    Gracias ,
    Señor C.

    Señor C's Schedule :
    1. Spanish 2
    2. Spanish 2. 
    3. Spanish 2.
    4. Spanish 2.
    5. Conference.
    6. Spanish 2
    7. Soccer
     Tutoring times will be on Mondays and Wednesdays after school.
    Please see Señor C. for assistance.
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