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    Janessa Tucker
    AP Calculus BC, PreCal Pre-AP (Dual, AB, BC)

    Room 2109



    Math is Fun



    PreAP and AP math can be very challenging, however, it is possible for every student to do well regardless of their skill level. Even on seemingly harder topics, the effort put in will be reflected in the grades. I ask you to continue to encourage your child and I will do my best to help them be successful.




    I thank you for the opportunity to teach your child. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.




    1st: Pre-AP PreCalculus BC
    2nd:  AP Calculus BC
    3rd:  Pre-AP PreCalculus BC
    4th: Conference
    5th: Pre-AP PreCalculus AB
    6th: Pre-AP PreCalculus AB
    7th: Pre-AP PreCalculus AB

                                      Tutoring is available:  

                    Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday




                      Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday