•   algebra 2          
    Ms. Deidri Wilson
    Subject: Algebra 2 
    Grade: 10th - 12th
    Room: 1105



    Dear Parents/Guardians, 

    As your son/daughter’s Algebra II teacher for the 2019-2020 school year, I hope to provide an educational setting where your child can grow and achieve success. My Classroom Goal is that all students leave this course with the knowledge and skills needed for success in future mathematics courses.

      Teacher Schedule                                
    Period 1 Algebra 2 PreAP
    Period 2 
    Algebra 2 PreAP
    Period 3 Conference
    Period 4  Algebra 2 PreAP
    Period 5 Algebra 2 Virtual
    Period 6 Algebra 2
    Period 7 Algebra 2
    Tutoring Schedule
    Room 1105