Tyler C. Scarberry

    Subjects: Color Guard, Dance 1,
    and Principles of Dance Composition & Improvisation

    Office Number: 1331

    Email: tyler.scarberry@humbleisd.net



    • 1st Period: Dance 1, room 1302
    • 2nd Period: Conference
    • 3rd Period: Dance 1, room 1302
    • 4th Period: Dance Composition & Improvisation, room 1302
    • 5th Period: Color Guard Officers, room 1302
    • 6th Period: Varsity Color Guard, room 1302
    • 7th Period: JV Color Guard, room 1302
    Scarberry Dancing

    Scarberry is an alumnus of the University of Houston, where he studied both Music and Dance for his Bachelor of Arts degree. While he initially began his studies in music, his passion for dance outgrew his love for music. Since graduation, Scarberry has been an active member of 6 Degrees Dance, a local dance company in Houston, TX.

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    Color Guard is a specialized section of the Marching Band during the fall. They are the performers you see on the field manipulating flags, rifles, sabres, and other various props alongside the band in order to increase the overall visual effect of the show. They are the most visual part of the band and train skills in both dance and equipment (flags, etc.). During the winter months and spring semester, they bring their skills indoors and into a competition circuit. They work to create an entire performance of nothing but movement and equipment/props with a recorded soundtrack, much like dance competitions. Indoor contest season spans from the end of January all the way through March. Please e-mail Mr. Scarberry or stop by for more information.


    Dance 1 covers the basic fundamentals and principles of dance. Throughout the year, we have units on ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, original movement, and performance. Students actively participate by learning movement skills within each style of dance. At the end of the Fall semester, we have a small choreography project, and at the end of the Spring semester, all students perform in the dance department's Spring Show. Please e-mail or stop by for more information.


    Principles of Dance Composition & Improvisation is an exploration of creating original movement. The goal is to guide students in finding their own voice through movement. In this course, we cover many things, such as understranding music and musicality, structures of dance, manipulation of choreography, lighting, costuming, and more! The final exam for this course is a recital night every semester, with the ability to present pieces for submission into the Dance Department's annual Spring Show. This course is only open to those students who have completed a full year of Dance 1-3, Starlettes, or Color Guard at SCHS.