Name: S. Ervin      
    Grade: 9th thru 12th
    Subject / Department: Credit Recovery/P.E
    Room Number: 1203
    Telephone Number: 281-641-5482
    Email Address: shelton.ervin@humbleisd.net

    Learning through technology

    Our credit recovery courses are self-contained, independent study units designed to supplement your school’s existing curriculum and give students a chance to earn credit in subjects they previously failed or denied credit.
     CR instructors then report the student’s grade to the student’s guidance counselor, who will assign a grade and credit.

    1st Period: Athletics
    2nd Period: Credit Recovery
    3rd Period: Credit Recovery
    4th Period: Credit Recovery
    5th Period: Athletics 
    6th Period: Credit Recovery
    7th Period: Conference/Athletics 

    Please email me if any assistance is needed!