• Mrs. Rathke Francesca Rathke

    First Grade Teacher
    Instructional Leadership Team Member
    Rm. 203
    (281) 641-2500

    If you have not signed up for our class Dojo, please send me an email and I will sign you up. Your students are working together beautifully! So far so great :) Ask your student about our class social contract and see what amazing ideas your students have come up with. 

    It is VITAL to arrive to school on time and stay for the entire day! 

    7:30-7:50 Morning STEM Bins

    8:00-8:20 Morning Read Aloud and Morning Message

    8:25-8:45 Shared Reading

    8:45-9:00 Phonics Mini Lesson

    9:00-9:20 Guided Reading 1

    9:20-9:30 Brain Break

    9:30-9:50 Guided Reading 2

    9:50-10:05 Guided Reading 3

    10:05-10:15 Interactive Writing

    10:15-10:25 Restroom Break

    10:25-10:45 Recess

    10:50-11:16 Lunch

    11:20-11:30 Restroom Break

    11:30-11:50 Writing 

    11:50-1:05 Math

    1:05-1:15 Restroom Break

    1:15-2:08 Special

    2:10-2:20 Snack

    2:20-2:50 Science/Social Studies

    2:50-3:10 End of Day Reflection/ LAUNCH

    3:15 Dismissal Areas

    3:20 Dismissal