Ms. Hart                                Room :614

     I will be setting up google classrooms for each period this is where they can access and return their distance learning. Here is a video that explains the process of having your
    Please email me with any questions or concerns students need to use their school emails.
     Email Address: misty.hart@humbleisd.net
    Class                        Google Classroom code
    1st -Beg Art 6th                   xlrqsah
    2nd -Beg Art 7th/8th            ymdbgug
    3rd -conference
    4th -Beg Art 6th                   2szhzz7
    5th-Applied Art                    ngpjbry
    6th -Yearbook                       fov4nkh
    7th -Beg Art 6th                    4q7dyfb
    Artist E. Brenneman