Name:  David Isabelle
    Grade:  9th-12th grade
    Subject / Department: Co-Teach Math Models/Aquatic Science SPED
    Room Number:  4411
    Telephone Number: (281)641-7095
    Email Address:  david.isabelle@humbleisd.net


     Hi eveyone!!!!   It is a GREAT DAY TO BE A MUSTANG!!!!!  Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  I just want you to know that every teacher here at Kingwood is here to support you.  In the useful links I have the classroom teachers that I Co-teach with posted so you have two ways of knowing what you can do for classes.  SCHOOLOGY is your new best friend!!  Get to know it and how to work with it.  Some of you may have used it in middle school which is great.  Always start with Schoology first and if that will not get your answer ask!  If you need to ask a question or need help please email me and I will get to you as quick as possible.  This will be a great year for us!  Stay safe, enjoy your family, and be blessed!!!!!


    If you are going to do something do it 100% or not at all!!




    1st - Conference
    2nd - co-Math Models - Room 4102 
    3rd - co-MAth Models - Room4102
    4th - co-MMA - Room 4102
    5th - Basic Math Models 4411
    One Lunch
    6th - co-Aquatic Science 3002
    7th - c0-Aquatic Science 2002

      Tutoring Schedule:

    First two weeks of school