Ashley Frutos and Andrea Jean
    Ashley Smith-Frutos
    Grades: 1, 3, 5    
    Andrea Jean
    Grades: K, 2, 4  


    The Counselor's Role is to ensure the success of our campus and students by: ​

    • Managing the comprehensive counseling program

    • Providing Social Emotional Learning lessons through our guidance curriculum Great 8 Skills for Life:

         2021-2022 Optimistic Thinking, Self Management, Goal Directed Behavior, and Relationship Skills

         2022-2022 Self Awareness, Personal Responsibility, Decision Making, and Social Awareness 

    • Counselor provides quarterly guidance lessons and provides the teachers with daily Den Time Lessons to reinforce the guidance curriculum 
    • Counseling all students in need individually and in small groups

    • Consulting & coordinating resources/programs appropriate for our families through the community and district


    We lead, manage, & advocate by planning, implementing, and evaluating our program to ensure that our program is data-driven and evolving with campus needs. We communicate the components and advocate through:

    •  Weekly Leadership Meetings

    • Quarterly Counseling Advisory Meetings 

    • Quarterly newsletters

    •  Staff Professional Development 

    •  Members of TSCA. 

    We advocate for student by: 

    • Consulting with stakeholders and coordinating appropriate resources 

    • An inclusive environment through Daily Den Time that supports our campus Positive Behavior Incentives System and No Place for Hate program

    • Yearly Individual Planning sessions for all students to determine goals, strengths, and coordinate resources if necessary 

    It is our hope that this school year will be full of positive and successful experiences for all students.
    At Groves Elementary our students, will benefit from our comprehensive counseling program through a varitey of activities such as personalized meetings with the counselor, classroom guidance lessons, social emotional learning activities, Red Ribbon Week, responsive services (small group and individual counseling opportunities) and career development activities. We are both here to serve all students; however, in order to meet the needs of our students and their families we do work primarly with designated grade levels. Mrs. Frutos will work primarly with students in first, third, and fifth grade while Mrs. Jean will work primarly with students in kindergarten, second, and fourth grade. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further support for your child(ren) or your family.