• Students! I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with everyone. I hope that the information you will be learning will be beneficial to you. I encourage you to be open to learning new things and not being afraid to fail. Remember, there is a lesson in everything! I am here to help you in anyway possible. My door is always open. I want you to know that I choose to be here and hope that you all are too! I want to make a difference in your lives. This is going to be the best year yet!

    Ms. Wells
Ms. Wells

Beverly Wells

  • 9th-12th


  • 1ST  Business Information Management
    2ND  Conference
    3RD  Statistics & Business Decisions
    4TH  Statistics & Business Decisions
    5TH  Statistics & Business Decisions
    6TH  Statistics & Business Decisions
    7TH  Statistics & Business Decisions




    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday {1:45pm-2:45pm}

Classroom Expectations

    • Be on time. 
    • Students may not leave the classroom the first 10 minutes, or the last 10 minutes, of the class period.
    • Follow rules for responsible computer and network use as outlined in the Humble ISD Responsible Use Policy.
    • Complete all assignments to the best of your individual ability.
    • Treat students, adults, and visitors to the classroom with respect.
    • Do not bring food or drink into the classroom. This includes gum. Water is only acceptable.
    •  Do not use cellphones in the classroom without permission and do not use outlets and USB ports to charge cellphones.